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Nellie Marks Nakamarra

Nellie was born circa 1976 and belongs to the Pintubi clan from the Kintore area in Central Australia. Nellie has learned the Dreamings of her family ever since she was a small child. Nelli is custodian of Dreaming stories from her father’s and her grandfather’s country which lies to the east of Kintore in the Northern Territory. Her Dreamings have handed down from generation to generation for many thousands of years. Her subjects are primarily Lightening Dreaming, Women’s stories and Women’s Tingari (Business).

Nellie began painting at Kintore. Over a period of time she gradually developed her painting skills, being taught by Old Mick Namarrari, Uta Uta, Pinta Pinta and her father, the great master Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula. Nellie is naturally a quiet and shy woman, however her association with other famous artists has given her the confidence to enter into wider society so that she may now show the world her culture and her Dreamings as a successful artist.

Nellie and her sister, Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra are now sought after artists gaining popularity within Aboriginal art circles and her artwork can be found in galleries throughout Australia.

Source Includes: Aboriginal Artists, dictionary of biographies by Janusz B. Kreczmanski and Margo Birnberg (This illustrated dictionary of 446 pages showing many photographs of artists and paintings is available from Doongal).