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About Us

Fred Nooravi, who has a passion for Aboriginal art, and in conjunction with three local Kuranda Aboriginal artists, established Doongal Aboriginal Art in 1993. The Gallery has expanded to 3 galleries and now represents over 20 local artists specialising in Aboriginal Rainforest Art.

Doongal Galleries also showcase more than 150 Central Australian artists.

Gallery director Mr Nooravi regularly visits central Australia and has developed a rapport with some of the well-known artists.  

Aboriginal culture did not have a written language, instead their laws, stories and social behaviour was passed on in the form of song, dance and drawings.  Many drawings occurred in the sand or dirt, caves and rock faces and further north on the inside of bark from trees. 

Symbols developed over time depicting sacred sites, types of animals, hunting and gathering implements and well-known routes to campsites and sacred grounds.  Aboriginals from central Australia were semi- nomadic, they moved according to the season and availability of food and water.  Over the past 60 years or so, traditional design has evolved a more contemporary style and now recorded on canvas and other traditional artifacts.

Central Desert images are abstract and symbolic with every dot having significance.  Background dots of varying colours may represent the changes in vegetation type, landscape features such as sand dunes, mountain, rocky outcrops, salt lakes etc. 

Many of the well-known artists listed below began their life traditionally and only as young adults had their first contact with Europeans.  It is for this reason that the significance and value of their artwork is priceless.  They represent the last generation to have lived the semi nomadic traditional lifestyle.

Central Australian Artists represented in the Doongal Art Gallery include the following: Margaret Scobie; Minnie Pwerle; Gracie Morton; Makinti Napangka; Evelyn Pultara; Ningura Napurrula; Mitjili Napurrula; Ronnie Tjampitjinpa; Narpula Napurrula; Gloria Petyarre; Ada Bird; Walala Tjapaltjarri; Long Tom Tjapanangka; Kathleen Petyarre; Michael Nelson Tjakamarra; Eunice Napangardi and many more.

The Doongal galleries also holds perhaps the world’s largest collection of locally made didgeridoos and boomerangs and a large range of other traditional artifacts are also available.

Thank you for visiting Doongal web site, we hope your painting, boomerang or didgeridoo will bring you many years of enjoyment and become a focus for all those who view the art piece.