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Care of Your Painting

General:  The most important detail to remember is that direct sunlight will really accelerate fading and changes in the colour of the pigment.  
It’s recommended not to store paintings in a tight roll for long periods of time as the paint might crack as it becomes more rigid over time.  Acrylic paints are sensitive to extremes of heat so it’s always best to hang the painting in an area of the building / home where the temperature is at its most stable.

Cleaning:  Acrylic paintings can attract dust so if you want to clean an acrylic painting yourself the recommended method is to brush the front and back of the painting with a soft non abrasive cloth, removing any loose dirt.  (Always test an area before cleaning the whole painting).  Using a damp clean sponge, wash with clean water.  Do not saturate the paint or canvas as this may cause uneven shrinkage.  Do not use any detergents as the ingredients contained in detergents may break down the paint or cause any other irreversible damage. Alcohol dissolves acrylic paint over time, so be aware of sprays used in the home, for example many household products contain alcohol.